Dry Materials


Exposure to some of these materials and chemicals can be hazardous to your health. We therefore advise our customers to wear rubber gloves and safety goggles when handling or mixing these materials. The hazards found in some of the items in this section can be from inhalation, absorption and/or ingestion.

Long term exposure to silica dust is especially hazardous. The dust is primarily found in clay dust, talc, flint and feldspar. We advise that, when working with these materials, to always make use of protective equipment and to keep your work area dust free .

Inhalation, absorption and/or ingestion of metal oxides carry serious health risks. The following products contain metal oxides: cobalt, lead, cadmium, chrome, nickel, lithium, manganese, vanadium, selenium, barium and potassium.

The use of these materials outside the scope of their intended applications are strictly discouraged, and we will not be responsible for any variation or contamination of the products.

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High Alkali Borosilicate F 510

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