Heart Dish

Heart Dish

Here’s What You Need:

  • Reinders’ Air Drying Clay
  • Sparkly Beads
  • A wooden chopping board

Here’s What You Do:

  1. Form the clay into a round, smooth ball.
  2. Push an indentation in the ball with your thumb.
  3. Widen the indentation and raise the sides to form a little bowl.  Smooth any cracks in the edges as you go (small children may need help).
  4. Pinch the bowl at the top and bottom to form a heart.
  5. Add beads.  Make sure to push them firmly into the clay so that they will not fall out once the clay has hardened.
  6. Add small beads around the lip of the dish and the sides. If you have small children you may want to skip this step because it can be difficult to maintain the shape of the dish while still pushing the beads in deeply.

The clay dishes take about 24 hours to completely harden. From there, they can be given as gifts or just enjoyed!

Air Drying Clay Projects

Keep the kids busy with these fun diy projects made from our Air Drying Clay. Various projects and clay available from our shop.

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Gladness Creates…..

bid and ask . South Africa map

Paternoster Inspired: Hennie Meyer

Recently Hennie Meyer was in residence at Stone Fish Studio in Paternoster! …
Hennie spent a week gathering inspiration from the quiet tranquillity and beauty of this isolated fishing village on the Cape West Coast.
Working at least six hours solidly each day Hennie build up quite a range of exotic and endearing shapes.
His process is one of formation and creative deconstruction. The vessels emerge slowly from the rhythm of his hands, each unique and with individual characters.
The exhibition is on till the end of October 2015 @ Stone Fish Studio Paternoster.

Zizamele Travels the World

Zizamele’s founder Toni Burton recently visited all four corners of the globe to showcase some exciting new designs as well as their ever popular Ubuntu bowls.

Read more about their travels here.







We’ve Got Gifts Covered!

IMG-20150910-WA0006    IMG-20150910-WA0001

Looking for a birthday, anniversary or even Christmas gift? We’ve got it covered! Beautiful pots, bowls, and crockery is now available for sale at our shop in Stellenberg. Further more, we give you the option to have these pieces either as bisque or greenware. All pieces are made to order and should you want a special design, we can easily accommodate you!






ATASA: Workshops and development opportunity for Visual Art educators in the GET phase

We believe that the Arts are essential subjects for the holistic education of our children, and visual art provides an opportunity for critical thinking, problem-solving and meaning-making that is unique. To support teachers of visual art, Dr Sandra Johnson & Dr Geo Westraadt, both Senior lecturers in the Creative Arts department at the Education Faculty of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, in collaboration with James Smal, owner of SORTED, are planning an opportunity for them to learn more about the interpretation of the visual art curriculum, participate in practical workshops that will assist them in their own practice, listen to experts in the field as they share the most recent international trends in visual art education, and network with their colleagues.


THE newly-formed ART TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA, with assistance from ‘SORTED’, will be hosting our first Symposium for teachers of Visual Art in the GET Phase.  Click here for information and dates of this Symposium.